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A luxury and lavish stay in the heart of Siem Reap awaits you at BAYON ERA Hotel.

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National Road 6, Phum Khnar, Khum Chreav, Siem Reap,kingdom of cambodia


    The DELUXE SUITE offers the ultimate in style and comfort and also provides spacious living areas and a full line of lavishness business amenities and services.

    $150 - Per Night


    Siem Reap’s first of its kind spacious room with unique traditional Khmer design with a touch of modern amenities plus other value-added services all for the comfort of the traveling families.

    $550 - Per Night


    The Presidential Suite offers a breathtaking view of the sky and state of the art technology in all its appliances. Its exquisite interior design gives a sense of elegance and sophistication.

    $2000 - Per Night


    Our executive suites consist of the separated bedroom and living room. All the sophisticated amenities are specially selected and pleasantly arranged inside the suite.

    $650 - Per Night


    This room has designed to reflect the word of ERA and accordance to the rules of ancient Khmer architecture that ensure longevity and good fortune.

    $350 - Per Night


Are you looking for luxury stay and ultimate experience during your stay, and then BAYON ERA Hotel is a perfect apt for your stayaction! Yes, you heard it right! Nestled in the heart of Siem Reap, BAYON ERA, a luxurious 5-Star Hotel is one of the renowned Siem Reap Hotels and redefines LUXURY and COMFORT. The primary theme of the hotel is “Reliving The Exotic Past of Angkor”. The property is situated just 20 minutes away from the Siem Reap International Airport and Siem Reap’s best shopping, local markets and cultural  offerings can be reached in less than 10 minutes from the hotel. Several attractions are just a stone throw away from the hotel. Within two seconds of your arrival, you can feel the luxury and lavishness in our hotel. The hotel boasts of impressive water feature, which stuns you with its opulence. Our dynamic and experienced professional staff welcomes you with a true Cambodian hospitality and makes you to feel like a King with its royalty before you even step into the hotel lobby. BAYON ERA always strives hard for the society’s community,  education and the environment. And we also committed to provide ongoing training and education of young Cambodians and make sure to enhance a culture of respect for the environment and wider community within its organization.


Bayon (Khmer: ប្រាសាទបាយ័ន, Prasat Bayon) was built during the reign of the famous King Jayavarman VII from the late 12th century to early 13th century. Bayon is located in the heart of Angkor Thom capital city. A Buddhist temple, it is the last mountain temple that was built in the style of Khmer Arts and consecrated to this religion. The Bayon Temple is one of the most famous after Angkor Wat, and millions of tourists come each year to see it. The Bayon was built nearly 100 years after Angkor Wat. While its basic and earliest structure of the temple are unknown, it is clear that Bayon temple was built on the top of another older monument and that it was not built during a single construction period. The Bayon temple consists of 54 towers which represent the Khmer Empire Period (Angkor period). The main tower is located in the center and called “the Gold Tower” showing four faces. The iconography of the four faces represent the Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara – Lokeshvara – and they are generally believed to to be the four faces of King Jayavarman VII demonstrating the omnipresence of the king. The faces also symbolize the four smiling faces which are the charming smile, sad smile, glad smile and beautiful smile. In total we have about 200 different faces in our culture.

  • A luxury and lavish stay in the heart of Siem Reap awaits you at BAYON ERA Hotel.

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